Introducing The Sembach Team


Sembach Galleries are owned and operated by an extended family possessing an eclectic range of talents and qualifications:

David Lincoln-Lewis is the senior partner in the family business. He received his training in art by natural absorption from his mother, Barbara White. Although having a strong inclination to professional sport he trained in the hospitality industry. He cast that aside when, together with his wife, he took over the Sembach Gallery in Hout Bay in 1996, but still finds time to indulge his interest in golf as a almost scratch player.
Jack White is a South African photographer who first worked in the photographic supply industry. He was artistically and technically educated in the U.K. during the 1970’s and specialised in architectural and industrial photography. Jack returned to Southern Africa and settled in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) during 1979-97 when he was a photographer for a national newspaper in the Cape Argus group and experienced the stark horror of the bush war, as well as the beginning of Zimbabwe’s dramatic decline. Jack is still active as a photographer while the Studio permits.
Barbara White, married to Jack, is a Briton who grew up in Liverpool and rubbed shoulders with the Beatles! She went on to the Royal College of Art, as a contemporary of David Hockney and Mick Jagger, and earned a 1st Class Honours degree under Sir Hugh and Lady Casson. Barbara eventually came to Southern Africa with Jack, leaving a trail of notable work in interior design, such as that of the Mbale Cathedral in Uganda. She has worked as a buyer of artifacts for Belgium’s Museum of African Arts and as a valuer/buyer of sculpture, ethnic jewellery, and artifacts for Zimbabwe’s National Gallery. She founded the Sembach Studio together with Jack.
Michelle Lincoln-Lewis is David’s wife who trained in the hospitality and advertising industry. She gained her considerable knowledge of the art business from the family into which she married.
Emma White is the daughter of Jack and Barbara and has a degree in Sociology. Apart from her pedigree dictating a natural interest in the arts, Emma has immersed herself in the cultures of the Orient, thereby reinforcing her artistic interests.  Emma has have 2 degrees, one in Sociology BA Hons and a BA in Media Communication and Culture.

As they say in England, “It takes all sorts!”