Photography - Rudolf Rieger



Rudi was born in Krasnystaw, Poland and educated in Germany and Switzerland

He then spent the next 10 years working in Switzerland as a Business Analyst for Swissair and Credit Suisse.

In 1972 he completed Visual Art Studies in Zurich at the "Freie Kunstschule Zürich" under the tutelage of Walter Grob. Parallel to this he attended weekly sessions at the “Atelier Peter Grenacher” in Zürich until leaving for South Africa.

Rudi arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1976 where he immersed himself in all aspects of the arts. In January 1979 he move to Hout Bay and intermittently spent a further 15 years living abroad in Namibia, Europe, Canada, USA and the Far East.

Visual Art Related Activities

1977 he “co-organized” the Living Arts Festival in Johannesburg

Exhibitions (PAINTINGS)

1978    Association of Arts, Johannesburg, Carlton Centre
1979    Association of Arts, Cape Town, Church Street: one man exhibition
1979    Association of Arts, Cape Town, Church Street: group exhibition

Exhibitions (PHOTOGRAPHY)

2006       Cape Town International Convention Center, Tourism Showcase
2006/7   The Sembach Art Gallery, Hout Bay
2006/7    Cape Town Tourism, Head Office
2008/9    Klinik Winsen, Germany

Since 2004, after his years of extensive travel, Rudi has lived in idyllic Hout Bay working as a:

  • Photographer

  • Film Location Scout

  • Graphic Artist

  • Branding of Businesses

  • Web Based Design & Marketing

  • Board member/Director of NGO’s enhancing local Community Development

  • Board member of the Provincial Business Delegation in Tourism

  • Mentor to business entrepreneurs with specific focus on the tourism Industry
    And also provided numerous contributions as a Media Representative

Rudi is currently producing a 13-part documentary on “Africa’s Indigenous Survivors”, The Khoikhoi Saga; Khoikhoi Heritage and History: Truths and Myths.