Paintings - Larry Norton


General Information

Giclee Prints

  • We use only the finest Fine Art media, and the best in archival pigmented inks, renowned for their wide colour gamut and print permanence and this, combined with our “best of breed” printer, guarantees you fade-free viewing pleasure for generations to come. 

  • We have developed our own acrylic coating to ensure that your canvas print editions are protected from UV rays and from air borne contaminants.

 Display Stands  

  • On receipt of opening order for 12 prints we will provide you with a display stand

  • This stand will remain the property of Sembach Art.

  • They are elegant and compact measuring 50cm high, 70cm wide and 28cm deep and can  comfortably be placed on a counter top, shelf or hung

  • It is important, however, not to place the stand too high as customers need to see the range.                                  

  • The canvasses are also available rolled in cardboard cylinders.                          



  • Please allow 7 (seven) working days from date of order to delivery (counter-to-counter). 

  • We can also offer counter-to-door delivery option for a small surcharge.



Our web address is printed on the display stands and in order to facilitate return business, the contact details of each and every distributor will be listed on our website. 


Cost Price of Prints (exclusive of V.A.T)

A full cost breakdown will be provided to prospective retail outlets on request



  • Minimum “opening” order is 12 units (your choice of range)

  • All subsequent orders are to be a minimum of 3 units at any given time.

  • Minimum stock held should never be lower than 9 units.

  • Orders must be placed via your consultant.


Payment Option – 60 days

1st Instalment of 33.3% payable 48 hours after delivery/invoice

2nd Instalment of 33.3% payable 30 days after date of invoice

3rd Instalment of 33.4% payable 60 days after date of invoice


eg.  - Order placed on 12 March 2010

-          7 working days for delivery/invoice – 21 March 2010

-          1st Installment due – 23 March

-          2nd Installment due – 23 April

-          3rd Installment due – 23 May